Month in Review: February 2012

I didn’t do a month in review post for January. Not really sure why, but there it is. Last year, I enjoyed taking a moment to review what I’d accomplished in the month before as a way to revel in my accomplishments, whatever they might be, and to get motivated for the month (and months) ahead. So without further ado, here’s a peek at my February.



Relatively monotonous, yes? You know I’ve been working on my Larch and Delancey sweaters. I had plans to finish Larch this week, and while it’s still possible, I have to admit this picking up of the collar stitches is trying to kill me. I do feel that when I finish picking up the collar stitches, the rest of it will go fairly smoothly, even picking up the stitches for the front bands. It’s the back and forth and picking up fewer and fewer stitches each row that’s dragging out this process. But this process will be so incredibly worth the “agony,” shall we say, for that beautiful shawl collar attached to the neckline.

This year’s goals are fairly simple: don’t buy yarn, dummy, so you can go to Paris in the fall. I did sort of fall down on that goal, with the purchase of my Berroco Vintage DK for my Delancey sweater, but as you can see, I’ve been busy trying to turn skeins of yarn into a sweater, so I’m feeling okay about this small hitch in my goal.

Six Weeks yarn

Another skein of yarn also came into my house this month, but I didn’t purchase it—I won it in a drawing in the Yarn Snobs Stash Out contest! The yarn is from JL Yarnworks, in this golden-buttery Midas colorway.


Even with the extra day this year, February is still the shortest month of the year and I think I did pretty well with my goals. How about you—what did your February look like?


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