A month of Savory Knitting

February was the first month of the Savory Knitalong, and I’m so stupidly pleased with the progress all of the participants have made. Given that there’s a little bit of creative chaos involved in a knitalong that features many different patterns, things have gone relatively smoothly, and it seems like everyone who’s knitting along is having a good time working on their sweaters. I’ve borrowed photos from folks to show off how wonderful everyone’s knitting is going.

Joyatee is the Super Achiever for the knitalong, being the first to finish her White Pine cardigan. It looks great on her, and she knit this in record time, thanks to studying—multitasking for the win!

Blendab1 is working on her Starfish Cardigan, and I think the little stars are so cute! I’d never really noticed them before, as I think the sample project on the pattern page is knit in a darker colored yarn, but they really stand out in this lovely green color.

Another pattern in my queue, Pinoli, is getting some attention from ingabean in this amazing blue color.

Speaking of beautiful blues, Daisydeadpetal is frantically trying to finish her Bailey cardigan before the proposed release date of a new Roman Hills colorway. This woman, love her though I do, is clearly crazy, but does have some pretty yarn.

Lisakbye’s Merryall cardigan is also knit in Roman Hills yarn, but this is a delicious red color and her cardigan is looking so wonderful. Just some sleeve knitting to go and I think she’ll be done!

We’ve got a few gals who are knitting Amy’s newest pattern, Pomme de Pin, including Sarah of Knit York City.

Owlmazing makes is also knitting Larch, in a gorgeous blue/periwinkle-ish color.

That’s just a small sampling of the awesome work taking place in the knitalong thread. You still have time to join in! The deadline for the KAL prize drawing is March 31, so if you’re one of those super knitters who can knit a sweater in a month, feel free to knit with us!


9 thoughts on “A month of Savory Knitting

  1. “This woman, love her though I do, is clearly crazy, but does have some pretty yarn.”

    Look at all those awesome sweaters in progress, and one finished! Yay!

    I’mma have to start making sweaters for realsies, aren’t I? Crap.

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