Sweaterday: Can I get a witness?

I know I am not the only woman who has knit herself a Larch cardigan, so I know I am not the only one who feels the pain of a million stitches in twisted rib being pulled down by a ton of fabric. Can I get an amen?


All of those stitches wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t a) been knitting like a fiend all last month and b) been moving bits of furniture around last night (I’m having an issue of sorts with my apartment, and was trying for a quick fix that’s not actually going to work). But finishing up the collar and then picking up the stitches for the front edges of my Larch this morning nearly did in my wrist.


That said, all of the deliciously squishy fabric around the collar is totally worth the pain. I have five rows to knit, two sleeves to sew in, and a few ends to weave, and then I will have a brand new cardigan. Those five rows have a ton of stitches in them and will likely take me close to an hour for each row, but I don’t care.

Meanwhile, another cardigan body is off the needles and blocking.


My plan is to concentrate on finishing Larch this weekend, and then start tackling the Delancey sleeves during the week. This week is an off week in the course of the whole knitalong, but since I am trying to finish early, I will be sneaking ahead a bit.

Also, I really need a bigger, cat-can’t-get-to blocking space.




4 thoughts on “Sweaterday: Can I get a witness?

  1. Oh, you are so close!! I’m about halfway done my first sleeve right now. It’s taken me two days, both where I’ve been working as well, to get that far so I have high hopes of finishing this asap! Still scared for all that ribbing, even the back was making my wrists hurt a bit from the weight all pulling it down. Yours is so pretty though I want to hurry up now! Delancey is looking amazing too.

    • I finished! Finished knitting yesterday, wove in the ends last night, sewed in the sleeves and did the buttons this morning! I was able to wear it to my volunteer shift at the bookstore, so yay! 😀

      If your wrists keep bothering you, try getting compression gloves. You can get them at JoAnn’s and other craft stores, and I used a 40% off coupon. I haven’t worn mine too much as I moved more toward trying to knit less once I realized I was going to be able to meet my goal of getting both of these done by my deadline—in fact, I’m planning to not knit at all for a couple of days this week to let my wrists recover—but those gloves can help.

    • Thanks! And I’m done now, so I can promptly forget about the pain of hundreds of twisted rib stitches. 😀

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