Kick Start! A new, hopefully weekly feature.

It’s Monday. I don’t know about you, but I generally feel like my Mondays can always use a kick start: a little something something to get me going, to help me transition from the lazy (or crazy) weekend into the relative routine of the work week, to stimulate my brain so I can find the groove of the week. I also feel that said groove is largely, but not solely, determined by one’s own frame of mind and the way one responds to outside stimulus, so why not preempt any negative karma or whatnot with something super motivational?

If we’re being honest, that mostly means I’ll be posting a lot of music videos, as I find music (and sound in general) is an incredible mood lifter for me, but it could also be an image that inspires something in me, or a quote or a book or a DIY project from another blogger… who knows. Ideally I’d keep it crafty, since this is a crafty blog, but I’m not going to limit myself. I’ll do what I can.

This week is definitely music-oriented. I came across Those Dancing Days via random YouTube surfing a couple of weeks ago, and their latest album has seen heavy rotation on my iPod of late.

This song has been especially favored, and never fails to add a little bounce to my step when I’m walking around listening to it. I wish there was an official video for this song, but this is a great live version, so if you like it, go find the recorded version on YouTube (the video for the recorded version just shows the cover for an image).

The video for this song makes me laugh—specifically the drummer and the chair-iot—and the song is lots of fun too.

Hope no one’s offended by the title, but the song is awesome. I want to be best friends with the drummer. She’s amazing.

What’s getting you going this week?


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