Kick Start!: Pretty colors

One of the things I love about knitting, and you probably do as well, is that today, knitting can come in all kinds of colors. Stripes, Fair Isle, intarsia, duplicate stitch, embroidery—there are so many different techniques to add color to your knitting.

Last weekend, I stopped into The Loopy Ewe to visit a friend who works there (yeah… I know) and as I was wandering the aisles looking for her, another lady stopped me to ask my opinion about two colors she wanted to use for striping. I thought that while both colors were gorgeous, they didn’t have enough contrast to really stand out in stripes. There are other posts out there about choosing color values and finding contrast, but I could write a post about that if folks are interested.

Today being Monday, and post-time-change Monday if you’re in North America at that, we’re talking inspiration and things that get our week off to a great start, and that brings me to Design Seeds.

Image by Design Seeds, no copyright infringement intended
All images © Jessica @ Design Seeds

Design Seeds can be an incredible resource to us yarn crafters. Planning to make a colorwork sweater? Use the Palette Search to find palettes based around your main color.

If you want things to pop, look for palettes with a wider range of colors. A more monochromatic palette will give you a more muted look, good for a gradient look or subtle shift in color pattern.

Or simply kill a couple of hours letting your color receptors have all the fun.

Happy Monday!


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