Not Sweaterday

I’m not knitting any sweaters right now, but I’m so used to posting on Saturdays that I have to think of something to say!

Today was actually going to be a No Knitting day—a day to relax my wrists and get some other projects done around the house. And so far I haven’t knit at all, and it’s almost 3 PM, but I imagine I’ll do some knitting later while watching either Funny Face or the first disc of Band of Brothers. Yeah, those two don’t go together at all.

I did do some sewing.


I was trying to turn a long-sleeved t-shirt into a short-sleeved dress, but so far have pretty much only succeeded in cutting off the sleeves (I’d brushed up against some wet paint that wouldn’t come out of one of the sleeves, hence the cutting) and sewing a skirt that kind of sort of fits but not really. I tried seaming the sleeves, but knit fabric is a pain to sew (you may have noticed, it’s kind of stretchy, which is difficult to sew without puckering). May just run a basting stitch along the edges of the sleeves. And the skirt does fit, but it would need some alterations at the back and a zipper and I don’t know that I really feel that invested in it right now. The skirt was supposed to be attached to the shirt to make the dress, but then there’s the zipper thing and well… I need to win a small lottery so I can buy patterns and fabric to make things, rather than try to fudge them on my own.

I went for a walk earlier this morning, and it’s awesome to see all the evidence that spring has come to Northern Colorado.


I don’t know what those flowers are, but there are little green buds on tree branches, and little crocuses- and tulips-to-be peeking through the dirt.

There will probably be some reading, and some more Paris trip planning.


And at some point today, I’ll need to take another photo to add to my Project365 set, which is where all of these photos have come from. Maybe today’s photo will be of my Hunger Games-inspired nail polish, if I a) get to Ulta to buy the grey polish I have in mind and b) get around to painting my nails.

How are you spending your Saturday?


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