FO: Another sweater!

Don’t get too excited, this is a wee little sweater! I knit this in a few days, after finishing my Delancey.


This baby cardigan was knit for a very special wee one who came into this world almost 2 months early. That’s the thing about knitting for babies—you have all these plans, and sometimes the babies cooperate, and sometimes they simply don’t. Little V came into the world early but healthy, and all of us in her parents’ circle of family and friends waited anxiously for the day she could go home.

I’d hoped to have this finished before she was born, so that it might actually be wearable this spring, but she had other plans and the weather sort of has other plans. Thankfully, she just made it to 6 lbs last week, so even though this cardigan feels “OMG so small how could anything ever fit in it,” she’s so tiny that it may still fit by the time fall comes around.


I knit the smallest size of Cascade, which is a well-written pattern from Petite Purls, a website that may have become my go-to for all things baby and child knitting patterns. I used just under three-quarters of a skein of Roman Hills’s Gruber yarn in the Paracanthurus colorway. (I forgot my lens was in manual mode and didn’t realize it wasn’t autofocusing when I took these photos, oops.)


The swirls of yellow and green against the deep navy and lighter blues made me think of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and I happened to have little star-shaped buttons, so I think they went perfectly together. The leaf motif of the button band is sort of lost in this yarn, or at least in that photo, but I don’t really care.

Welcome to the world, little star!


6 thoughts on “FO: Another sweater!

  1. Baby sweaters are totally satisfying to knit. Especially after a couple of large projects!
    And I love the buttons. I did one for my first kid with those same buttons, and all 4 have worn it now. πŸ™‚

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