FO: Panda No. 2

Why yes, this is Due North, take 3. But it’s a cute pattern and I love giving them as baby gifts.


This one was knit pretty much exactly the same as the first panda version. I’ve got one more to go, and possibly not enough black yarn to make a whole panda, so I’m planning to experiment with intarsia for the third one (which would make it slightly more accurate, as giant pandas don’t have the black butt, and perhaps then I could make black ears as well).

For the third installment, I’m going to try to take in-progress photos, so you can see the genius of the pattern. For this version, though, I want to show off some of the details that I love about this knitted bear pattern.

To begin, it has toes. Five itty bitty toes on each paw that are easy to knit and just look adorable.


And perhaps make it look a little less drunk. You know, toes are very useful for balance.


And then there’s the little tail. And the behind area in general. You know how everything in miniature is that much more cute. Small knitted panda butts are really effing cute.


I’m planning to hold this panda ransom in exchange for baby snorgling time. I think this plan will work.


Oh yeah. It will work.

Giant panda photo from this page.


7 thoughts on “FO: Panda No. 2

    • I know! I always feel a little jealous when I give them away, but turns out, I can knit the third one for myself! 😀

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