Friday Finds

Two posts, one Friday, what is the world coming to?!

I think I forgot to mention it here on the blog, but remember the Amy Christoffers Knitalong as part of the Sweater Odyssey group on Ravelry? We’re doing another designer knitalong, this time featuring Veera Välimäki’s designs! Official cast-on date is May 1, and it runs through July 1, so feel free to join in if you’re interested! Me, I’m contemplating knitting her Folded cardigan, but I need to see if the yarn I have in mind and in my stash will work. SWATCHING, HO!

Apparently I have shawls on my mind this week.

  • First up on this last Friday of April, Memoria ($4) by Deborah Frank is a lovely triangular shawlette with a columnar lace pattern flowing into a simple edging.

  • Corinne Ouillon’s Violettes et Muscaris Printemps (free) is a large lace shawl. I am in love with the way the center stitches flow out and gently undulate to the edge. So beautiful.

  • Yet another shawl for this week, Spring King (€2) by beerentoene is a different take on the crescent shawl, with the lace portion only taking up the middle “wedge,” if you will. Plus, this yellow color is so cheerful.

  • Megan Goodacre’s Paravel Wrap ($5) is a luscious rectangular stole with a classic lace pattern along one edge. Bonus points for the name “Paravel.”

  • Another large shawl pattern, Rue ($6) by Bristol Ivy is knit in Quince and Co’s Sparrow and features a stitch pattern that looks a breeze to knit.

  • And finally, Hannah Cuviello’s Phoenxi Shawl ($3) is wonderful in two colors (as shown here), but be sure to look at the version in the single yarn as well–looks fantastic in two semi-solids and variegated yarns.

    Photo from Abundant Yarn

    All photos are from Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted.


18 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Amy! Noooooo!!! Just when I’m starting to realize how much I suck at KALs (knitting ADD definitely prevents me from being a good KAL participant) you have to mention a Veera Valimaki KAL??? I’ve been seriously DYING to knit up Buckwheat and Folded for ages now….I don’t know what’s stopping me. But now this would give me a reason to just do it….talk me out of it! Quick!

    • NO! no I will not! This is the easiest of KALs–no goals to meet every week, no “you have to do this this way.” Just cast on and finish before July 1 to be eligible for a prize, or don’t, whatever. 😀 It’s a KAL in that there are other people knitting along with you in case we come across a tricky part.

      • Ok, after twisting my rubber arm and spending the day yesterday staring at all the Veera patterns in my queue (I think they are all in there!), and consulting the stash….I think I’m going to do it. I’m going to join the KAL. I can’t decide between Buckwheat or Folded. And I think I can enter this in the SweetGeorgia Yarns KAL if I use some SGY….

        I need to go knit now…I need to get this current cardi off the needles! Ack!

    • Thank you! When I was playing it back, there was a lot of “do I really sound like that?!” So it’s nice to hear that someone likes the sound of my voice! 😀

    • Well, they’re both triangular lace shawls knit in purple yarns… but the first one is straight lines and columns coming from the center increase, the second one features a center stitch pattern that looks like a fern. Close but not the same stitch patterns on the edge. But they’re not *that* similar, to my eye.

    • Aww, thank you! it is kind of difficult to resist casting on all the things when I’m searching for patterns to include. 😉

  2. i haven’t had a shawl on the needles in a long time! well, i haven’t had much of anything on the needles as of late, but finals are over in 10-ish days. then let the knitting begin! oh i’m so excited, and thanks for the great finds!

  3. Thanks for featuring Memoria! The second shawl caught my eye last week, too, because the body pattern looked so similar to something I’ve been swatching from the Estonian lace book, Hapsaalu Shawl.
    Beautiful selection of pretty things,and I’m honored that I’m in there!


    • Aww, thank you for stopping by! Memoria is beautiful–if I didn’t have a queue a mile long, I’d have cast on for it already. 🙂

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