Month in Review: April 2012

One more month done, one month closer to my trip to Paris. In real life, April was down more than it was up, but there were good times with friends and other highlights. May will probably be more of the same, but hopefully with just as much knitting and hanging out.

I haven’t blogged about these first two projects yet, but I finished them at the end of this month.



I knit another panda. It’s living in my bookcase right now, since I can’t seem to meet up with the friend who is to take possession of him.


I also knit two shawlettes for friends, a Leaf Peeper and a Live Oak. I’m hoping to mail these this week—I should have time to get to the post office!


And earlier this month, I got to hang out with some awesome crafty types in NYC!

No yarn was purchased this month, go me.

Peace out, April. I’m gonna go swatch for Folded, to see if I think I can stand to knit a fingering weight sweater in May and June.


11 thoughts on “Month in Review: April 2012

  1. I went to Paris this past January…it’s just wonderful! Bring hand sanitizer, your appetite, and always have change for the metro on you (unless you’ve been before…then I bet you know the drill better than me)!

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