Friday Finds

Apologies if you read this in a feed reader! I meant to get this all finished before it was scheduled to post and got bogged down by work (booooo). So you may have gotten a little preview if your reader pulled the draft before I realized I’d goofed.

Wasn’t that exciting? Man, things have been busy since I finished up the Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week posts. I’ve got three finished projects I need to blog about, hopefully I can write them up this weekend, but tonight, there’s a “birthday party” at the sewing shop in town, tomorrow is a friend’s graduation, another friend’s birthday party, and then more fun in the evening, and on Sunday, there’s tentative plans for the first drive-in movie outing of the season (The Avengers, wooo!).

Until I have the brain cells to write about some awesome projects, here’s some other awesome projects you all should knit.

  • You know how I said I was going to knit a brontosaurus for a friend’s baby? Well, almost immediately after I said that, I saw Miriam Felton’s Honey Badger Stuffie $6. And as this friend has had a special affinity for honey badgers for years… I’m now knitting this instead of a brontosaurus (which I was going to knit instead of a panda). I did cast on for this last week, but I had some serious trouble with my brain not working, so I haven’t made it very far. Totally user error—the pattern is really well written, I couldn’t process anything.

  • I have so much love for cables, and Robin Melanson’s Vivika ($7) is a beautiful example of a feminine silhouette enhanced with careful cable selection and placement. This sweater makes me itch for fall. (The sweater, and the pollen in the air, and the death swarms of moths around and in my house… I almost hate spring right now.)

  • Preita Salyer’s Strigose Cowl ($6) looks lovely and squishy. I love the simple colorwork pattern on one side (looks like a slipped stitch pattern?) with the solid color on the other side.

  • Inspired by Veera Välimäki’s designs, “tshep” has designed this Ode to Veera (free) shawl. Worked on short-rows and different colors, this would make an excellent stash busting project if you’re looking to using up some remmants.

  • I love the textural stitches in Ariane Caron-Lacoste’s Tobias ($4). They look so squishy! And the single ply Malabrigo is perfect in this pattern.

  • Speaking of Veera, she’s just released an eBook called Modern Times (€18), with seven patterns that show off her specific design aesthetic. My favorite right now, because I’m really feeling yellow again, is Downtown Block (€4.90), but they’re all perfection. And, hey, they would be eligible for the Veera KAL in the Sweater Odyssey group! Great timing, that.

All photos are from Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted.


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