FO: Paris Scarf

Where was I? OH right, I had finished projects to talk about.

First up is a scarf I “designed.” I use quotation marks because I think it’s a little silly to plug in a Barbara Walker stitch pattern with no attempt to jazz up or make anything unique about it. I have a three-stitch garter border on each side and used a column pattern from the First Treasury of Knitting Patterns—I’d give you the name if I could remember it. That’s it. Couldn’t be simpler.


And simple is precisely what I wanted, because this yarn is the real star here. I used an entire skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk in the “Paris” colorway for this scarf. The yarn is pretty special as is, but it’s extra special to me because it was a birthday gift from Maria. The colors are fairly muted, but the fiber content makes them shimmer and shine in a way that kept being obscured by other patterns I tried.


So this simple column pattern is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s quite like the Lace Ribbons scarf, except the columns don’t really lean, but the use of yarnovers and single stitch columns is similar.

I got a good amount of mileage out of the one skein—the finished and “blocked” scarf is at least six feet long, and it wraps a few times around my neck while remaining lightweight, a perfect spring-summer-transitional accessory. I say “blocked” because I didn’t pin this at all, merely patted it into place and let it air dry. And the stitches have stayed open for not having been aggressively pinned. They’re not going to stay open as much when I’m wearing the scarf, but that’s okay.


Thank you, Maria, for your lovely gift and the hours of enjoyment I received from it!


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