Kickstart: Felicia Day

This post is way overdue in being written. I had intended to write about the awesomeness that is Felicia Day but kept being distracted by other, differently shiny things. NO MORE.

If you have never heard of Felicia Day before, some quick points of interest to bring you up to speed:

  • Was a Potential Slayer in season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Is a self-professed geek and fell hard-core into an online gaming addiction, which…
  • …led to the creation of The Guild, a web-series about an online gaming group of “friends.” The fifth season is currently “airing” on YouTube, with all four previous seasons available as 45-minute-ish episodes on YouTube as well.
  • Felicia’s work with the web series is said to have inspired Joss Whedon’s Doctor Horrible series, in which Felicia also stars as Penny, opposite Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.
  • Most recently, Felicia and Co launched the website Geek and Sundry, a collection of webTV series designed specifically for anyone who has ever considered themselves to be nerdy or geeky or any combination thereof. Felicia’s primary show, The Flog features Felicia trying out new and exciting adventures every week. For her first week, she attempted blacksmithing.

    If you are not currently running around muttering about ingots, you’re more in control of yourself than I.

  • In addition to running her part of a little internet media empire, Felicia has guest-starred on shows such as Eureka, and just last week you may have seen her on Supernatural.

Felicia is a web guru. She’s active on Goodreads, writing phenomenal reviews of the books she’s read (confession: I totally picked up Master of Crows because of her review, and did not regret it at all). She finds the coolest stuff and shares it via Twitter and Facebook (and her Fave Five on the Flog—if you need proof, just last week she included The Lizzie Bennet Diaries in her Fave Five, and they have become another new obsession of mine).

AND ANOTHER THING. Felicia rocks at music. An accomplished violinist, she and her fellow Guild castmates have created three music videos inspired by gaming and geekery. The latest video, “I’m the One That’s Cool,” has a lot of play counts on my iPod.

Yes, I am a total Felicia fangirl, because she has incredible ideas and makes them happen, however she can, while remaining true and honest to her own interests and beliefs.

And yeah, I’m a little jealous that she’s totally awesome AND a redhead.


3 thoughts on “Kickstart: Felicia Day

    • Woohoo! I agree about her not being more prominent as a Slayerette, but I think that was one of her first jobs, she’d be given so much now! And I forgot to mention in this post, but it looks like next week’s The Flog features her learning how to crochet. 😀

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