FO: Cusp

My knitting mojo is sort of fitful this month. I’ve got some small baby-oriented projects to work on that are just dragging. They’re for babies. Teacup humans, if you will. These things should not take nearly as long as they are. But I opted to read a book this weekend instead of knit in my spare time (there was some knitting, and then some ripping, because said knitting was not the right size, which could be contributing to my lack of enthusiasm).

Last month, though, I was all about the finishing things, and simply didn’t have time to post about some of the finished things. Like my Cusp socks, knit for the Apothecary Yarns KAL on Ravelry.


This was my first time using Apothecary Yarns. I’d been staring at their yarns longingly, and then they came out with the “Pick Your Poison” line, and I just loved all of them. I settled on three—Arsenic, Hemlock, and Strychnine, which is what I used for these socks. This base, their Superwash Merino Sock, is delightful to knit with and very comfortable to wear. The ply is nice, and really helped the stitches stand out in this pattern.


As with all Cookie A patterns, it’s really best if you, you know, read the instructions and follow the chart the first time through. I neglected to do that on the first sock, so there are some bumps that shouldn’t be there. However, I was totally locked into the second sock and did most of it from memory, so from this we can deduce that one can learn from doing something while watching TV, one just may have to screw up a bit at first.


I enjoy the wide, swirling stripes, and having knit this pair of socks makes me itchy to knit the other skeins I have (I’ve lined up Hemlock with In and Out and Arsenic with Bex, both Cookie A patterns, and Sugar Plums with Fiori Di Zucca), but I really really really need to get some other projects of the needles first. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “FO: Cusp

  1. I really dig the wild, swirly stripes too. But I have to say I think one of my favourite parts of this post is your referring to babies a teacup humans. Fantastic.

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