Friday Finds

People, I am being defeated by a stuffed animal pattern. One that’s not even that difficult, and is quite clearly written. For whatever reason, my brain will not process the instructions properly. So that’s how I’m going to spend my weekend, when I’m not sitting in a darkened theater watching movies, that is.

There’s been quite a few collections released recently, so this week’s Friday Finds has a slightly different focus than usual. Hope you enjoy!

  • First is Kirsten Kapur’s The Three Graces collection, three lace triangular shawls inspired by the Graces of Greek Mythology: Aglaea, Euphrosyne (pictured), and Thalia. Each shawl can be purchased for $6.50; the whole eBook is $16.50.

  • Not a collection in the strictest sense, but Caitlin Ffrench recently posted a trio of shawl patterns, which are available for free at We Will Tell You All of Our Secrets, including Seven and Zero, Same as Seven (pictured), and Of the Moon.

  • Birds of a feather knit together? I don’t know, but Melissa J. Goodale’s Birds of Mythology collection makes me want to cast on all the things. There’s Alicanto, from Chilean mythology, Sirin (pictured), from Russian folklore, Jian, from Chinese mythology, and Manohara, from Buddhist and Hindu lore. The entire collection is $20, and each pattern is available for sale individually.

  • And finally, Claire Ellen’s The Road Goes Ever On features six sock patterns dedicated to Lord of the Rings characters, including Treebeard (pictured), Tom Bombadil, and Theoden. The Treebeard pattern is free, the entire collection is $22, and the other five patterns are available for individual purchase.

All photos are from Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted.


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