FO: Skew socks

Hey, hey, I actually finished something this month!


Too bad they don’t actually fit my feet all that well and so are going to live with someone else who has slightly shorter feet than me. Skew (from Knitty Winter 2009) is toe up and incredibly clever, but I think perhaps, when knitting this, one should knit the foot just a hair longer than you normally would. I stopped knitting the foot at the point where I stop knitting for most toe-up socks, but the rather genius heel shaping of this pattern I think worked against me in this instance.


(It’s rather difficult to photograph one’s heels.)

I love this yarn and I think it worked so well in this pattern and I would knit this all over again with a slightly longer foot.

(This FO post is short and sweet because my brain is done for this evening after meeting two deadlines, and I have a date with a waffle truck and a bottle of Scotch. If you want any more info about this FO, ask away in the comments, I’ll respond when I’ve regained coherency.)

EJB pointed out that I forgot to tell you about the yarn, which is the lovely Roman Hills Slope base, and the colorway is “Thar be Dragons.” The yarn is delicious and has a very subtle sheen to it.


14 thoughts on “FO: Skew socks

  1. a shame they don’t fit you, because they look very nice. Good to know, though, about the heels/foot fit. Going to have to keep that in mind when I decide to make mine

  2. They look great! Nice to see another pair done, one of my fave LYS is doing a 12 in 12 and this is one of the sock options, makes me tempted to do them!

    • The pattern is rather clever and I would definitely knit another pair, if you need a bit more temptation.

    • Oh that would be helpful, wouldn’t it? It’s Roman Hills’s Slope base. I’ll add that info and a link to the post.

  3. I have yet to master the skills it takes to photograph socks on my feet, so well done you. Stinks they don’t fit! They are lovely.

    • Photographing your feet is quite tricky! It’s better when you’re not doing it late in the evening, too.

  4. My husband loves wearing handknit socks, and it seems like a lot of the patterns with interesting construction are top down, which I refuse to knit. I’ll have to try these out for his next pair!

    • Can I ask why you refuse to knit top down socks? I’m simply curious. I’ve knit many top down and toe up socks and can’t really find a good argument for one over the other, myself. 😀

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