Month in Review: June 2012

June was a scorcher, that’s for sure. This was the scene one evening my living room.



It was so hot inside the house that my Vera monster allowed me to pet her while I was holding an ice cube in my hand. Cat. Willingly getting wet. And even though we’re still seeing high temperatures this week, for some reason it’s not lingering quite as much in the evenings and we’re able to cool off just a bit.

The knitting was pretty monogamous this month. There was the aforementioned Folded sweater that hasn’t been touched since I started knitting the Loki scarf. The scarf is now just over 30″ in length, or approximately one-quarter of the minimum length (though half of it will be double back on itself).


Terrible lighting, the lightest color is more cream than yellow. The pattern is pretty easy to memorize and has become a pretty decent tv-watching project, so long as I don’t really have to pay too much attention to the visuals on the screen (so, no subtitles and no arthouse flicks).

That’s pretty much it for June. I’m hoping to be more active here next month, now that the initial shock of crazy heatwave is over and I’ve learned to cope. I hope June was good to you, and July is better!


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