Kickstart: Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The internet is full of many wonderful, incredible things. YouTube is one of them. And YouTube is home to a diverse amount of creative people. I’ve sort of fallen down a well of vlogging channels on YouTube and this one has to be my favorite: Lizzie Bennet and her diaries.

Lizzie is a 20-something grad student still living at home, along with her sisters Jane and Lydia, and her father and her mother who is a smidgen pushy… you know what, Lizzie tells it better.

Twice a week, Lizzie (with the help of her friend and video guru Charlotte Lu) chronicles her life, and the adventures of her sisters and the crazy shenanigans that happen because of her mother’s obsession with marrying off her daughters. The videos are awesome and I always look forward to watching them every week to see what’s new in the Bennet household.

And if the first episode and my adoration don’t sell you on this, what’s especially funny is the people that don’t quite get it at first.

Basically, this show is an incredible blending of new media and old storytelling, the kind of which will likely show up in mass communication classes in the future if not already, and everyone involved is wonderful and there are Twitter accounts for everyone (including Kitty) and it’s the best ever so go watch it right now.


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