Friday Finds

In case you were eagerly waiting to hear what I decided to pack for plane knitting this weekend, I ended up winding a skein of Roman Hills’ Dane lace in a gorgeous deep purple colorway to knit Cecilia. I did pull out a skein to wind for socks, but the idea of another project on small needles just did not jive.

(Jessi, not to worry, the scarf is golden. I have about 25″ left to knit on it, which is 8″ fewer than I originally thought last night.)

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

  • A short-sleeved cardigan by designer Vanessa Ewing, Modern Victorian ($7) features a lace panel integrated into the back and lower body. It’s a versatile piece that can be styled in a number of ways!

  • I love Hilary Smith Callis’s designs—Pontos is one—and her new pullover doesn’t disappoint. An easy-to-knit top-down raglan, Indicum ($6) is knit in a fingering weight yarn with a simple corrugated ribbing detail at the neck and hems.

  • Apparently there’s been a rash of eye-catching crochet shawl patterns lately. My recent favorite is Izumi ($5) from Bernadette Ambergen. Sadly I don’t know enough about crochet to speak to the design, but it sure is pretty.

  • Encyclopaedie (€3.70) by Maria Steiner is a bottom-up knit shawl. At first glance, it’s reminiscent of Jared Flood’s Rock Island pattern, but I especially love the use of two colors.

  • Thea Colman’s released another new pattern, Champagne ($6.50), and it’s a lovely trans-seasonal tank. A simple lace column on the back is repeated at an angle on the front

All photos are from Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted.


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    • I’m excited about it! I figure it will be a good piece to have for fall, as it can be layered over a tank or a long-sleeved top, depending on the weather. Plus, alpaca = warm!

    • Why do you think I started doing this? 😉 I have a weekly catalogue of things I love but don’t have to add to my queue! (My favorites, though, is another matter entirely.)

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