Time to Buckle Down


T-one week to the day I hope to get Loki’s scarf in the mail to Jessi, so it’s time to seriously buckle down and bust a move on that. I’m in good shape and I’m optimistic I can log extra hours this weekend. So if no one hears from me over the weekend, just know that I’m in stranded colorwork purgatory.

I meant to knit a lot on the scarf while I was at my parents’ house this past weekend, but of course I ran out of yarn. So I was able to churn out a lot of Cecilia (pictured above in an early stage). I’m about halfway finished with this pullover. Between the almost-there-ness of Cecilia, Pontos, and Folded, I could have three new garments finished by the end of September, easily.

So that is my new goal—by the end of September, my WIPs list is going to be nearly obliterated. I’ve got Cecilia, Pontos, Folded, a honey badger, and the stripey socks of doom on that list. My goal is to have all but the stripey socks of doom finished—they’ll be a good project to take on my trip in October, so that will work out nicely.

In other news, I totally bought yarn yesterday, as I needed a little pick me up, and my LYS was having a sale for 30% of Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love Sock. I picked up two skeins (Pomegranate and Oxblood if you’re curious) and entered a drawing for some unknown prize. Today I got a call saying I won! I still have no idea what I won, but how exciting is that. Exciting, and not positive reinforcement for staying on the yarn diet. Oops.


4 thoughts on “Time to Buckle Down

    • I’ve definitely saved some money by not buying yarn as a pick me up whenever I’ve felt stressed, but I also have not really knit out as much of my stash as I’d hoped. Blah.

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