FO: Cecilia Pullover


(Yes, it’s a crazy blurry outtake but for some reason I really like it.)

And the award for fastest finished garment ever (for this Panda, at least) goes to my Cecilia pullover. I knit this in eleven days.


This is really, truly, a simple sweater to knit. The tricky part is keeping track of which lace repeat you’re on, but that’s the most trouble you’ll have. There’s no shaping, no bands or finishing.


The lace opens up with gentle blocking—no pins required. You want to choose a lace yarn with good drape. I used Roman Hills’ Dane in the Gawth color. It’s 80% alpaca and 20% silk in a lofty two-ply that is sadly discontinued. The Ravelry page for this pattern says it takes a worsted weight yarn, and that is just wrong wrong wrong. You want a lace weight, and something with a little bit of a halo (like alpaca) adds a nice touch. The original is knit with mohair, but I can’t wear mohair against my skin the way I can with this yarn.


Cecilia is totally figure flattering, and I can imagine wearing it with all kinds of outfit—over a knit wrap dress, with black skinny jeans and boots, or with a black skirt for work.

You know, after I weave in the ends.


13 thoughts on “FO: Cecilia Pullover

  1. This is absolutely stunning! I love your color choice, and it is so flattering and elegant. Really, really lovely work. I have to say, pairing it with a nude camisole made it really pop.

    • Thank you! I wore it over a black tank top yesterday and while it didn’t have the same effect, it still stands out quite a bit, which is nice. I have dreams (DREAMS!) of trying it out with all kinds of colored camis. 😀

    • I’ve learned that I have to have visions of how I would wear something before I knit it. I have a couple of sad knits that I don’t know how to wear and so the just sit in my drawer.

  2. ajdhwajahwahhwaja! (That is my overwhelming lust after that sweater.) I NEED TO MAKE THIS. Wow! It’s so beautiful! And great choice with the Roman Hills. Looks super soft and yummy! I need to hit Lisa up for some right now!!!

    • You should make it! It would be super cute on you. I know Lisa said she was low or out of that base and can’t get any more from the distributor (sadface!); there are some other alpaca/silk lace blends listed on Ravelry, including (I think) a new Malabrigo yarn that is 70% alpaca and 30% silk. That would be my recommendation if Lisa is out.

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