All the plans, out the window

In Friday’s Month in Review, I made plans.

I’m really good at making plans and lists and charts and all of that. Sometimes, I even stick to them.

So I made plans last Friday for my glorious three-day weekend, and …yeah. I didn’t watch any of those movies. I watched ONE episode of Sons of Anarchy. I did catch up on season 2 of Alphas and then found myself rewatching episodes from seasons 1 and 2 (seriously, I’m really digging this show, and you should too, so we can talk about it!), I don’t think I watched any Supernatural. I did not get stuck in the sofa, so good on me there. I did knit knit knit on my Pontos Cardigan until I promptly ran out of yarn a couple rows into the button band, so now I’m waiting on more yarn to arrive. Some cleaning, some swatching, some forward looking…

Seriously, season 1 is streaming on Netflix and other sites, season 2 is on Hulu, if you like X-Men or Heroes, give this a try!

OH, and then I completely ripped out the body of my Folded pullover.

I realized that I’d placed the markers for the front and back in the wrong place. I realized this after I’d finished the waist shaping and was about to join the sleeves. Between that and the other problems I’ve had while knitting this—problems that were entirely of my own doing—I just frogged it and was planning to match up the yarn to something else.

But then I started looking at the finished sleeves and remembered how I really liked the idea of this sweater in this yarn and color, and I’m going to give it another go. I’m going to make some changes that I think will make it even happier knitting—a folded hem for starters, and alternate placements for waist shaping, and not knitting the body 11″ before starting the waist shaping—and I’m excited about this project again. I haven’t started knitting it again, as I feel we need some more time apart, but I imagine I will start back up soon.

Hopefully your Labor Day weekends, if you were celebrating, were a little more overall productive than mine!


12 thoughts on “All the plans, out the window

      • Word to the wise: Don’t fry chili rellenos in a wok…or do it more skillfully than I did…something like that. Oog, they were so heavy. Maybe it was just that the oil was not hot enough.

        • I’m afraid of frying things in general–hot oil! burnination! bad!–but I will remember this to pass along to the people I make fry things for me.

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