Friday Finds

Thank you all so so so much for the lovely feedback on the Loki Scarf from yesterday’s post! This little blog received the most views ever yesterday, and that’s because of you lovelies who read and share the silly words I place here. I love that the sense of community knitting can provide has transcended the physical and expanded to the digital and that I’ve been able to become friends and formed bonds with awesome, creative, and talented folks that live around the country and around the world.

All right, enough sappy sentiment, here’s what you really came here for today—this week’s Friday Finds! I had to edit down from my original list quite a bit, which means next week’s Finds are already packed as well!

  • Veera Välimäki’s Simple Sprinkle (€2.90) incorporates Veera’s talent for graphic lines and color blending and looks like a perfect way to use up leftover worsted-weight scraps. Genius!

  • Lichen Mists (£4) by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud is a gorgeous lace shawl. I love the yarn used to knit the sample—you can see the inherent shimmer and glow provided by the silk content.

  • Lydia ($6) is Kristen TenDyke’s stunning little cardigan for Quince and Co, knit in their linen yarn, Sparrow. I love this subtle, texturized stitch pattern.

  • Remember my mitten fetish? Well, knitters such as Annie Watts are not helping to curb my obsession, with her Robots vs. Downtown ($5) pattern. I’m already planning to look for yarn to knit these tomorrow at a LYS birthday party sale. I need neither yarn nor more mittens, but I need these. NEED. Don’t look at me like that.

  • Wild Bird ($5.50) by Gege À la Gomme is a long garter stitch scarf with brightly colored wedges worked in short-rows. So pretty!

All photos are from Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted.


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