Friday Finds

People of the internets, rejoice, for it is Friday and I have more patterns with which to tempt you!

Soooo, quiet week on the blog, I’ve been super busy knitting stuffs that aren’t really photograph ready yet. A lot of swatches (there will be a blog about that next week), finishing my Pontos Cardigan (which is taking FOREVER to dry and still needs buttons), and re-knitting the body of my Folded pullover (am about to join the sleeves to a correctly knit body! So excite!). None of this in-progress business inspires blog posts, so I’ve been biding my time and my words. Hopefully I’ll have exciting finished things to show you! In the meantime… I apologize in advance for any harm done to your intentions to not add to your queue.

  • You know I love mittens, and when these popped up a couple of weeks ago, I feel deeply in love with Anchors Away ($5) by Valerie Woodworth. I think the little crabs drew me in.

  • Hopefully the next few weeks will see appropriate knit-wear weather (I mean, I could break out my hats in 80° but… that’s ridiculous). Torsion (free) by Julie Knits is a fantastic slouchy reversible hat to knit for fall.

  • Tabetha Hedrick’s Marietta Stole (CAD$6) is knit in the lovely Sweet Georgia Yarns’ CashSilk Lace (if you ever get a chance to rub your cheek on some of this yarn, do it). Such a beautiful stole for a beautiful yarn.

  • I’m a closet architecture fanatic, so of course I’m going to include a scarf inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. Oak Park ($5) by Laura Aylor works wonderfully as an homage to Wright’s visions and as a unisex scarf pattern. I love the more autumnal and masculine colors in the pattern page, but I’m also envisioning it in softer jewel tones for myself. That’s how I roll.

  • Simple understated colorwork is one of my favorite things about knitting, and As the Leaves Begin to Fall (free) by Eliza Jarvi is pushing all of my buttons.

  • Carol Feller’s Salamba Jacket ($5.95) is a beautiful open cardigan with Art Deco-esque contrast details at the hip and a contrast raglan and lapel combination. So pretty and simple.

All photos are from Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted.


8 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Those mittens are nice and nautical. Very appropriate for Talk Like a Pirate Day (which was yesterday). I also love that jacket.

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