FO: Pontos Cardigan

Hooray for more finished sweaters! This weekend, I finally got the right color of yarn to finish my Pontos Cardigan and it was a quick knit to finish.

Pontos Cardigan

My version ended up using more yarn than is called for in the pattern, so if you choose to knit this, you might want to buy an extra skein just in case. I think I could have knit the body a bit shorter—it’s almost my knees! and I’m not short!—and saved some yarn there, but I do like the length. It’s nice and cozy.

Pontos Cardigan

I probably also could have knit the smaller size. I chose the 49″ sweater, thinking it would give me a good amount of room when I buttoned it. Four inches of ease was a bit much, in hindsight, and I should have just knit the 44¾” size and maybe knit the bands just a little bit wider. But these are things that happen when you try to knit when your brain is melting out your ears.

Pontos Cardigan

Hilary Smith Callis’s pattern is so wonderful though. There’s one section that’s a little confusing, after you’ve joined the arms to the body, but it makes perfect sense once you think about it (and I noted the advice I got from Hilary in my Ravelry project notes, if you’re looking to knit this yourself). Aside from that one bit, the instructions are super clear and easy to follow and this would have been a really fast knit if I had been able to work on it all in one go.

Pontos Cardigan

It’s open and lacy but still really warm. This is a great cardigan to knit for autumn, when the knits get chilly but the days are still fairly warm. There’s a comforting amount of weight to it—it’s not heavy, per se, but it’s substantial, like the perfect lightweight comforter for autumn. I can imagine wearing this to sit on a friend’s patio in front of a fire, or early in the morning as I’m bumming around the house.

Added bonus, I finished knitting my Folded pullover last night, so it’s blocking now! So excited to be finishing things, and to be able to wear them soon.


16 thoughts on “FO: Pontos Cardigan

  1. โ€œwhen the knits get chilly but the days are still fairly warmโ€
    When the knits get chilly, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Both you and the cardigan are adorable. I love the second picture (the first one without writing) the most.

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