Month in Review: September 2012

Bye bye September! For me, September was a productively unproductive month. I managed to finish one thing that you’ve seen, my Pontos Cardigan.

Pontos Cardigan

I also finished a few other things that you haven’t seen, because they’re on their way back to yarn form. Finished my Folded cardigan, and I’ll post about that soon, but… It did not end well. And it’s destined for the frog pond, yet again.

Then I’d found this adorable panda baby bonnet that I wanted to knit for a friend’s baby. The LYS didn’t have the yarn called for in the pattern, so I bought a different yarn that I thought would be a good substitute. Turns out, I subbed a DK-weight yarn for a sport weight, and well, now I will have a matching panda bonnet. (I did pick up a sport weight yarn to knit the baby sized version, but haven’t done it yet.)

And I started working toward my “Learn to Steek” goal! I’ve knit one sleeve and a few inches of the second sleeve Pod of Cetaceans. I’m hoping to finish it before I leave for vacation on Tuesday, but we’ll see.

I did buy some yarn this month, but I’ve already knit with most of it, so I feel pretty okay about it.

Overall it was a good month! How about yours?


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