Friday Finds

Happy Friday my internet friends! This is the last Friday of October. That’s ten months of Fridays, all gone. What the what.

So in case that wasn’t enough of a mind melt, this is where I point out that we have fewer than two months before the holiday season descends. Less than one month if you want to start it with Thanksgiving in the U.S. I’ll leave it up to you.

Given all of the above information, I thought I’d do a themed Friday Finds this week and share with you some adorable holiday-themed patterns that have caught my eye recently. This might be the year I make a yarn wreath… who knows!

  • This little Knit Reindeer ($3) by Amy Gaines is SO CUTE, with his little face, and his little antlers, and his little knit scarf… GAH.

  • …and then you could make little Reindeer Baby Booties (£2.60) by Sylvia Leake and they could coordinate with the little knit reindeer as a gift if that’s your thing and SO CUTE. (You don’t come here for the coherency, right?)

  • There haven’t been a lot of Hanukkah-themed patterns that I’ve seen lately, and that’s unfortunate. But I did find this ADORABLE Hanukkah Hiram (£4; follow this link to purchase the pattern, the one listed in Ravelry doesn’t work). CUUUUUUTTE LITTLE LION IS CUTE!

  • Snowbaby Beanie ($3.50) by Stephenie Hickok is not really holiday-related, but it’s also super cute and crocheted!

  • Don’t ask me why, but this Christmas Tree Snake ($4) by Larisa Glinchak is cracking me up. I love it! It’s so …cute! With the faces! And the little hats!

I may need to be supervised for the next few weeks so I don’t follow through on the itch to put up my tree pronto style.

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.


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