November: Ready or not, here I come

First day of National Blog Posting Month is a go! As I mentioned yesterday, the goal of this month is to post a blog entry every day for the entire month. This always sounds like a lot of fun, and for me, personally, I always have a lot of energy for the first couple of weeks, and then… less so, the last weeks.

For today’s post, I figured I’d take a look at the month and outline my goals. My biggest goal, aside from posting here every day for the month, is to knit Amy Christoffer’s Stonecutter’s Cardigan. I did a lot of swatching for this cardigan back in September, but between my travelling (not so good for knitting large projects) and serious starteritis for small projects, I haven’t yet dug into it.

I also decided yesterday that I’m a genius and am going to take my own advice and knit up a Calavera Catrina using some Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted that I have lying about.

What are you goals for the month? Are you playing along with NaBloPoMo too?


4 thoughts on “November: Ready or not, here I come

    • Ah, holiday knitting, that thing I never bother with because most of my friends are knitters and all of my family lives in warm climates! 😉 Best of luck to you!!

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