Sweaterday: Zipping Along

There’s been a good amount of progress on my Stoncutter’s Cardigan this week!

Why yes, that is a finished body blocking out on my kitchen floor, and almost dry.


And yes, that sleeve is roughly halfway done.

Soooo yeah. This pattern is incredibly addictive and incredibly fun to knit and once you get a few rows in, the simple cable pattern becomes second nature and you’re knitting and knitting and knitting and then it’s like “Boom! Body done.”

Or I’m a wizard. I’m a secret wizard, who is so secret I don’t even know I’m a wizard.

Because honestly, I am not sure at all how I have the body of a cardigan finished. I mean, I remember knitting it. And I remember knitting while watching Netflix (lately it’s been a mix of Teen Wolf, Chuck, and Supernatural). And then I look down and it’s there.

Or maybe there are house elves and instead of cleaning, they’ve decided to help with the knitting.


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