Friday Finds

I did something crazy this morning and braved the shopping on Black Friday. Normally I am very anti-any thing that gets me out of pajamas on Black Friday, but as part of an on-going mission to make my wardrobe a bit more mature and grown up (read: fewer graphic tees and less reliance on slouchy jeans), I went out at a reasonable time (9ish) and braved the crowds (which weren’t that bad) and spent a good deal of money on a lot of new tops and some new pants and skirts and I feel pretty good about this. Especially since I pretty much only shop every few years or so. Not a shopper, in terms of actually spending money. I love to look! Generally hate to try things on and deal with that. But I did it, it went well, I’m wearing my new holiday PJs (I have my own tradition of buying a set of PJs sometime around the holidays, because I do love PJs) and now that I’m done talking about that and making parenthetical remarks, here’s this week’s Friday Finds.

  • Lee Meredith’s Flying V’s collection ($6) features three patterns with colorful chevrons inset. Plus, who can resist a Mighty Ducks reference?

  • Amy Christoffers’ also published a collection recently—the Homard Cowls Collection ($9) features three infinity cowls with different stitch patterns. Great for gift knitting!

  • The Hyde Park Cardigan ($5.50) by Terri Kruse features a garter yoke and easy cables along the fronts and back.

  • Teasdale ($6) by Corrina Ferguson is a lovely crescent shawl pattern, featuring a wide lace border and simple textured body pattern.

  • You saw these earlier this week, but Teresa Gregorio’s Walk in the Leaves Legwarmers (CAD$1.50) are so sweet, they bear repeating. Knit the simple yet interesting stitch pattern in a fingering weight yarn. All proceeds from this pattern go to Teresa’s local SPCA chapter!

  • I love garter stitch and stripes and cowls, and the School Ties Cowls ($2.99) by Rosee Woodland are all of those things! Three patterns for three different directions of stripes work up the ultimate stash busters.

  • I’m on a cowl kick this week. Sara Dudek’s Triple Triangle Cowl ($5) feature three lines of triangles in a long crocheted infinity scarf. Even better—since this pattern is crocheted, it’s also reversible! Another great use of stash yarn to boot.

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.


One thought on “Friday Finds

  1. Go you for braving Black Friday. I’m not one for shopping in places with huge crowds. Black Friday has only been a thing for us for a past few years. I’ve stuck downtown for our Boxing Day sales. I like places with less people. I really should update my wardrobe too…

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