Kickstart: Teen Wolf

Yes, you read that right, today I’m talking about MTV’s show Teen Wolf. I know. I know! At first I was like “What? A TV show based on that old ’80s movie?”

Think about this—about 10 years ago, I had a similar thought. “What? A movie based on a Disney theme park ride?” And then there was the magnificence of Pirates of the Caribbean. So, you know, these things can work out.

And they most certainly do work out in Teen Wolf. A friend of mine compared it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in terms of a TV show exceeding the original movie, and I think that’s an apt comparison. Teen Wolf the show is darker in tone and broader in scope than the Michael J Fox movie, if you’ve ever seen that, and it’s really incredibly well-written. If you have Netflix, you can stream both the first and second seasons (twenty-four episodes in total). Give it at least through episode four—the first three are good, and Stiles is worth watching on his own, but the fourth episode is where it really took off for me.

And I can say that the episodes are perfect background noise for knitting time. I owe much of my Stonecutter’s Cardigan to Teen Wolf.


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