Month in Review: November 2012

Posting this a day before the official end of the month because tomorrow is Friday and that means Friday Finds, and also, I needed something to post today. Heh.

SO. I’ve nearly finished a cardigan, start to finish, in one month. Would have definitely finished it except that I opted to take my time a bit toward the end.

And you know, start my Calavera Catrina and Roam Tunic. Yep, I slowed down on an Amy Christoffers cardigan to knit an Amy Christoffers problem. I may have an Amy Christoffers problem. (PS did you know that all of her Savory Knitting accessory patterns are on sale through December 24?)

Unfortunately I don’t have any updated photos of anything to show you. Just know that I have a completed cardigan body and about 1.5″ done on the collar of my Stonecutter’s Cardigan, half the back finished of the Roam Tunic (bulky yarn and 10.5 needles are the best), and I’m pretty sure I’m ready to start the decreases on my Calavera Catrina.

I did add three skeins of yarn to my stash this month, two of which I’d ordered at the end of September I think? And one I purchased to knit *cough*Amy Christoffers’*cough* Lilac Wine. The other two are from Apothecary Yarns and I have trouble resisting their beautiful yarn clubs (they’re clubs in that they’re themed and such, but you get to pick which colors and bases and pay according to that; though they do have traditional clubs too, I think).


So as far as knitting goes, November was really good to me! As far as most other things go, well. It could have been better. But I’m going to choose to focus on the positive and just keep knitting. How was your November?


2 thoughts on “Month in Review: November 2012

  1. I have the Roam Tunic in my queue already, and Stonecutter is awesome. I’m going over to queue it in Ravelry. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and it is educational and entertaining. Thanks for enabling…. 😀

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