Friday Finds

Happy Friday! And happy last day of November! This post means I’ve successfully completed another year of NaBloPoMo, with the help of some fantastic people. But there may actually be a few more days of posts in a row, what with Sweaterday tomorrow (finally will show you the finished cardigan body and the beginning of my Roam Tunic), Project 365 on Sunday, and a few more posts in the works that I didn’t quite get to this month for one reason or another.

If you missed any of them, please be sure to read the guest posts from this month. I hope I can intersperse guest posts here from time to time, as there are so many bloggers I enjoy reading and I think you would too. Many, many thanks to Joanna, Teresa, Sarah, Stefanie, Kira, Marsha, and Britt for spending some time here this month!

Also, before this morning, there was a serious, constant disturbance in the knitting force—a complete lack of a Ravelry group for Amy Christoffers Appreciators! (This is so relevant to yesterday’s post.) So I created one! If you, too, love Amy’s patterns, be sure to join in the fun at Savory Knitting Addicts.

Let’s send November out with a bang and some more awesome patterns, shall we?

  • Crosswise (€5) by Sannah König utilizes entrelac and worsted weight yarns with distinctive color runs to create an amazing raglan sleeve sweater.

  • I absolutely love the stitch pattern in Sol Maldonado’s Decorative Geometric Pillow ($6). I imagine this would be a pretty awesome stashbusting project, to boot.

  • Katie (CAD$6) by Karen Borrel is a seemingly simple pullover with a delightful little twist at the bottom hem. Be sure to check out some of the other color combinations on the pattern page!

  • One of Joji Locatelli’s newest cardigans, Even Flow ($6), features Joji’s signature drape and texture combination into a sweet open front cardigan with a woven-style back.

  • Fine Vine ($6) by Marisa Hernandez is a lovely shawl with large lace repeats.

  • The Purl Bee keeps churning out fantastic free patterns and the Fluted Cowl (free) is no exception. I just love the gentle texture and picture myself wearing this in a fluffy bulky weight yarn.

  • Tincanknits has a collection of patterns called Great White North, and there’s a couple of patterns in there that I really love. The first is Snowflake ($6; shown below), a lace yoke pullover for both adults and children. The other is the Bon Bon Toque ($6), also available in a variety of sizes. Grab them each individually or purchase the whole collection for $13.

  • Last for this week but certainly not least, Melissa La Barre’s Twisted Vines Hat ($5) features one of my favorite lace patterns in a hat pattern that slouches comfortably. All of Melissa’s newest patterns are on sale until December 5—see the pattern page for more detail.

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.


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