Contest Winner Week 4

Very belated today—sorry about that! I was running around New York City and didn’t have a chance to run the random number generator.

This last winner is…

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 5.12.46 PM

Marion! Marion, I’ll be in touch with you about your prize pattern soon—remember, you can choose any pattern that’s available online for under $7—your prize does not have to come from last week’s Friday Finds.

Thanks for playing everyone, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.


Year in Review: 2012

Goodbye 2012! Overall this year pretty much balanced out between good times and less good times, but the back end was definitely overloaded with crap, and created situations that are unlikely to improve any time soon, so I’m not particularly looking forward to 2013.

Knitting-wise, this was an incredibly productive year. Without planning to, I knit six garments for me that worked out (and one that didn’t). And as you saw in the last Sweaterday post, I’m a little more than halfway finished with another one.

My creation

This is the first year I’ve churned out this many sweaters since the original launch Sweater Odyssey a couple of years ago. And this was mostly accidental. I’ve got a good amount of yarn queued up to knit a few more sweaters and cardigans next year, which is awesome, because sweaters get rid of a lot more yarn than socks do.

I did knit three pairs of socks this year, in addition to six shawls/scarves and a few hats (one of which still needs to be sewn together, oops). Quite a few baby projects were made for a few babies who debuted this year.

Oh yeah, there was that Loki scarf too.


I had a goal to not buy much yarn to help save money for my trip to Paris, and while in general I did pretty good with that—didn’t really impulse buy much yarn—I did keep buying yarn to knit those sweaters. And I knit them up pretty much as soon as the yarn appeared. So that’s good. But next year, I really need to buckle down and knit from my stash and not add to my stash via my own means (meaning, if someone sends me yarn as a gift, obviously I will accept it and love it, and I can buy yarn for other people, but I can not buy yarn for myself). I have a ridiculous number of pattern + yarn-in-stash match-ups and I need to work through the queue.

So my two knitting goals for 2013 are:

  1. Knit from the queue. I only finished around 25 projects this year (partly because the Loki scarf did take up a bit of time—I figure next year I could knock out about thirty projects, depending on the size and complexity). I have about 140 patterns matched to yarn in my queue. I’m set for a while.
  2. Don’t buy yarn. I obviously don’t need any yarn. I have enough projects to keep me entertained from here to the next apocalypse without fail.

Pretty simple, really! Here’s hoping I can stick to them. Are you making any crafting goals for the new year?

Month in Review: December 2012

So it’s a day early, but I want to talk about the year in review tomorrow, so I’m posting this today.

December was a good month, knitting wise!

I finished my Stonecutter’s Cardigan


and my Roam Tunic.


And, you know, almost finished the body of another sweater.


I’ve turned into a sweater knitting machine. I haven’t knit a sock in a good long while. I’m no tsure who I am anymore.

Finally photographed my Age of Brass and Steam shawl and shared that with you.


I also knit a couple of panda bonnets for a few wee ones in my life. And there’s one more I need to knit as well.

I’ve been working on a swap project, so I can’t update you on that at all at the moment, but it’s nearly finished and due to be mailed out in a couple of weeks, so you’ll see it soon enough.

We had a contest every week this month as part of the Friday Finds, and I really enjoyed hearing from everyone about what you liked each week!

I have bought some yarn this month—enough to knit the rest of my I∂unn sweater, and three skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage for the Puff Stitch Crochet-along we’ve got planned for the new year. I’m really going to try to not purchase any yarn in 2013, but that’s a discussion for tomorrow’s post.

So that’s pretty much my December! It’s been a productive and fun month, in terms of making things, and here’s hoping that continues into next month.

Sweaterday: Swimming Along


I made a lot of progress on my I∂unn sweater this week. I brought four balls of yarn (which miraculously arrived the night before I left—a mailperson dropped them off around 7 PM, well after my regular mail had been delivered—I’m not sure what happened there), and knit all four of them, which amounted to a great deal of knitting being accomplished.


I added some waist shaping, which is missing from the cardigan, working three sets of 4 stitch decreases and increases that begin about an inch below the divide for the arms. I placed the back increases and decreases on the back, not along the sides of the body, which I think makes for a slightly more flattering fit on me. I’m really close to starting the ribbing at the bottom—I may have that to show you next week, but since I ran out of yarn, I shipped the sweater back to myself, along with some Christmas presents I’d received, so it all depends on when that box arrives and how much I’m able to knit before next Saturday.

Today’s the last Sweaterday for 2012! I hope to be able to continue posting regularly on Saturdays for a while in the new year, as at some point I’ll be working on Heidi Kirrmaier’s Rain Dance as part of the Sweater Odyssey knitalong.

But now I’m going to go play in Central Park.

Friday Finds


Another Friday, another Friday Finds, and your final chance to win a pattern of your choosing just for leaving a comment on this blog post.

To win:

  • Leave a comment on each week’s Friday Finds letting me know which pattern(s) you especially like that week.
  • Make sure to include some way to contact you in that comment—email address, Ravelry username, Twitter handle, whatever, I just need to be able to let you know you’ve won.
  • Each comment must be received by 9:00 AM MST the following Monday. So for this week’s post, you must comment before 9:00 AM MST on Monday, December 31.
  • Winners will be chosen by random number generator the following Monday. I’ll contact that week’s winner and we’ll work out the details.
  • The prize pattern is not limited to the patterns included in the Friday Finds. Patterns are limited to digital versions, though not only Ravelry-accessible patterns. Any pattern from your personal wishlist (under $7) could be yours.

A good number of these are patterns for children, but they were just so cute I couldn’t resist.

  • Elizabeth F. Parker’s Tern ($5) features a simple lace pattern along the neckline, set against a reverse Stockinette stitch background.

  • The Honey Toque ($4) by Megan Grewal is a slouchy hat with a slanting honeycomb pattern. For $2 more, you can get the pattern for the matching mittens.

  • Gudrun Johnston and Quince and Co recently published a print and eBook collection called Knit With Me ($26). This collection is bursting with amazing patterns, such as Ambrosia, Empire, and Granny Smith (shown).

  • Svetlana Volkova’s MOMO ($6) is a sweet little cardigan for children with a simple feather and fan pattern set into raglan sleeves.

  • I love legwarmers, even though I haven’t really worn any, and these Fly With Me legwarmers (free) are pretty intense and pretty awesome.

  • Pull Gaspard (€4) by Christine Rouvillé is an incredibly adorable child’s pullover. The pattern is currently only available in French, but I’m tempted to snag it anyway and try to translate as I go. Because what I need to knit is more children’s patterns. CLEARLY.

  • Yes, another child’s sweater pattern, but HOW CUTE are the little reindeer on Susan Crawford’s Junior Christmas Jumper (£4)?

  • Lucy Hague’s Firiel (£3.50) is a lovely garter stitch shawl worked sideways with a lace edge. So pretty!

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.

New Year Planning

Some of us have spent the last few weeks looking forward to the new year (well, those of us who were pretty sure the world wasn’t actually going to end on December 21). Most of this year was not so fantastic for me and I’m having trouble believing that 2013 will be any different, BUT my oh my I am so looking forward to January and some upcoming crafty fun times I have planned.

First, in the Sweater Odyssey group we’re kicking off the new year with a Heidi Kirrmaier KAL. Come join us—you get to knit any adult garment pattern by Heidi, and she has quite a few fantastic patterns. I’m going with Raindance in two shades of Quince and Co Chickadee.

And then, in the Amy Christoffers fanclub, we’re doing a couple of KALs: a Lilac Wine knitalong and a sweater knitalong (similar to the Sweater Odyssey group, just pick a pattern from the designer and go). The Roam Tunic and Stonecutter’s Cardigan I recently posted? Both Amy C patterns. You know you want to.

And THEN, I came across this Crocheted Puff Stitch Scarf and I have to have it. HAVE TO. I’m 99% sure one of my friends is making one for me as a gift, but I think I’m going to need multitudes. So @jacintillating on Twitter and I plotted and schemed a Crochetalong. I mean, can you blame me? This is going to be a blog-based CAL, meaning there’s no place on Ravelry to currently chat about it, but I figure we’ll probably bleed all over the internet—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, maybe even Tumblr, who knows? And I’ll be asking participants for photos to share here on the blog (with links to your own blog if you’re writing about the CAL).

Photo from the Ravelry pattern page

The CAL details:

  • Start hooking on February 1 or later.
  • Finish by March 1 and who knows, there could be a prize.
  • Leave a comment here letting me know you’re planning to participate.
  • Tag project updates on your social media platform of choice (Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with #puffyCAL
  • Have fun and end up with a sweet scarf.

Questions? Please ask! You should know by now that I make most of this crap up as I go.

What are you looking forward to in the new year? Have any big crafting goals in mind?