Project 365

I’m getting better about remembering to take a picture everyday for the most part, but still having some blips! The only photo I took on Monday was… special, and I had to crop out a friend’s face because I don’t think she’d really want me to post the full photo, but it was the only one I took and I want to keep my streak going. Oops. 


Day 25 – November 25 – Scarves

LG LG-C900_001829

Day 26 – November 26 – Let’s just pretend this didn’t happen


Day 27 – November 27 – Beets are a bloody business (soup prep)


Day 28 – November 28 – Lights

LG LG-C900_001836

Day 29 – November 29 – Beet and carrot soup


Day 30 – November 30 – Even cats like Amy Christoffers patterns


Day 31 – December 1 –  Fueling up before the Holiday Handmade Fair


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