Fancy Tiger’s Holiday Handmade Fair, 2012 Edition

The Holiday Handmade fair organized by Denver yarn and sewing shop Fancy Tiger has become something of a tradition amongst my friends and I. We’ve gone the last four years; three years ago, when it moved to the Sherman Center in Denver, we discovered the Denver Biscuit Company Biscuit Bus, and that’s pretty much solidified our raison d’etre for attending the fair. We love handmade and craftiness but we’re all knitters and makers and doers so we don’t generally feel like we need to go and buy things.

Pay attention to the use of the word “generally” in that last sentence.

So this year started off as most years do, with a visit to the Biscuit Bus and a Franklin for me and some sweet potato fries to share.


After our brunch, we moved into the vendor hall, which was pretty packed (though not quite as packed as it has been in the past—I think we got there a little earlier than usual this year).


As usual, there were a ton of amazing vendors and so much to see and sample and ogle and touch and other assorted verbs. There was even a little Santa’s workshop with adorable terrarium-style scenes and a train that kids loved to try to touch.


And as I said earlier, I usually try to not buy things. I generally do a pretty good job. This year, though…

Click the photo to enlarge the text.

I couldn’t help myself. Some of those are gifts for other people; most of them are gifts for me.

After the fair, we headed over to Fancy Tiger with the intention of scoping out and possibly buying buttons. What’s missing from this picture?


Buttons. The mittens book is an Estonian mitten pattern book that’s written in both Estonian and English. I love Estonian colorwork patterns and reading about the history and evolution of cultural knitting traditions, so I had to buy that book when I saw it. Mollie Makes is such a lovely, inspirational magazine (and that issue even has a pattern from the loverly Allyson of The Sweatshop of Love!) and there were a couple of patterns in the newest Vogue Knitting so I went ahead and grabbed it (literally, only two patterns I could see myself making, so it’s a better deal than waiting to buy the patterns individually, but as usual, this issue doesn’t really speak to me). AND THEN I BOUGHT POMPOM MAKERS.

I hate pompoms.

Yeah, that is a strong feeling about a silly little ball of yarny bits, but in general, I can’t stand them. HOWEVER, I’m making these adorable baby bonnets that look like pandas and have pompoms for ears and I couldn’t convince anyone else to make the pompoms for me (yes, I tried to get someone to make pompoms for me because I dislike them that much). So I bought my very own pompom makers. Which will likely be lost to the ages after I make these pairs of pompoms.

That was my Saturday! I also finished the bonnet part of my Calavera Catrina and am halfway finished with one of those panda baby bonnets. Not too bad for a busy weekend! I hope your weekend was good.

Ugh. Pompoms.


4 thoughts on “Fancy Tiger’s Holiday Handmade Fair, 2012 Edition

  1. The fair looks amazing and like a place I’d totally love. I’d likely drop so much cash there.

    The calendar is adorable. Reminds me I should pick one up soon.

    I’m not a fan of pompoms either. Despite my constantly needing slipper socks, I opted out of getting two pairs (one with owls, another a Playboy one) as they had my disliked pompoms. They were perfect in every other way but I couldn’t stand the pompoms.

    • My pompom hate is very much a running joke amongst my friends. But I don’t like a lot of bumpy texture in my knits anyway–cables are one thing, lumps are entirely different. 🙂

  2. Fancy Tiger’s Craft Fair looks AMAZING! I’d love to go one year, as I’m a huge fan of their wool washes now (they have the best blogging spokespanda I’ve met.)

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