Friday Finds


First Friday Finds of December, which is a pretty awesome month if you ask me. My birthday is later this month, next week The Hobbit comes out, and these are the last few days of another year! (Last few days of all times if you ask the Mayan believers, but we’re not dwelling on that.)

Since it is such an exciting month and it’s my birthday month and I really like the hobbits’ ideas of giving away gifts on your birthday, I’m going to give away a pattern to one lucky winner every week in December!

To win:

  • Leave a comment on each week’s Friday Finds letting me know which pattern(s) you especially like that week.
  • Make sure to include some way to contact you in that comment—email address, Ravelry username, Twitter handle, whatever, I just need to be able to let you know you’ve won.
  • Each comment must be received by 11:59 PM MST the following Sunday. So for this week’s post, you must comment before 11:59 PM MST on Sunday, December 9.
  • Winners will be chosen by random number generator the following Monday. I’ll contact that week’s winner and we’ll work out the details.
  • The prize pattern is not limited to the patterns included in the Friday Finds. Patterns are limited to digital versions, though not only Ravelry-accessible patterns. Any pattern from your personal wishlist (under $7) could be yours.


Let me know if you have any questions or if I need to clarify anything! On with the show!

  • Tanis Lavallรฉe’s Coolbreeze Cardigan (CAD$6) mimics traditional Bohus-style patterns with it’s clever use of chevrons in the yoke. Pick up the matching hat pattern for an additional CAD$3.

  • Game of Thrones fans will enjoy Kate Hiester’s A Crown for Tyrion ($3.50). Deep, textural chevrons make for a stretch beanie.

  • I don’t feature a lot of patterns for children, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them! Sometimes they just don’t stand out to me as much as patterns I could make for me. But Ravi Junior ($5.95) by Carol Feller is SO SO SO CUTE I had to include it. Squishy garter stitch for squishy babies.

  • Speaking of squishy garter stitch, Enso ($6) by Svetlana Volkova is a seamless garter stitch cardigan with the sleeves (short or long) worked in the contiguous method. I’ve never knit sleeves like that, have you?

  • Hapish (free) by Britt Schmiesing is another garter stitch project. A Hap-style square shawl worked back and forth with simple lace detail makes a great accessory. Especially for those days you don’t want to get out of bed and would rather just snuggle into some wool while sipping coffee. Okay, so that’s every day for me.

  • Sarah H Arnold’s Ardour Mittens ($4) may be the mittens to end all mittens. Stranded colorwork, lining, Latvian braids, OH MY.

  • Mรถnster (free) by Frรถken C is an adorable hat for small children featuring a scalloped edge in two colors. I believe there’s an adult version available as well, and Alexandra Tinsley will soon have another scalloped hat pattern available, so you have choices, people!

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.


47 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Oooh, these are especially good patterns this week! I love the scalloped hat and the Coolbreeze Cardi, though I’d probably do a different neckline. And the zig-zaggy hat is pretty cute, too! Happy birthday! I’m bookgeekgirl on ravelry

  2. Oh man, as per usual you have found some pretty awesome new-to-me patterns! And what a cool idea for a giveaway!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to admit, being a cardigan knitter, that I was immediately drawn to both the Coolbreeze cardigan and the Enzo! I think both will have to go into my queue regardless.

  3. Gorgeous finds this week. I really like that you aren’t afraid to include paid patterns in your finds week to week, its good to see some designers getting some love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks! I try to include both free and paid patterns, but I find that a lot of the ones I feature are paid. I think there’s a lot of great work being done and if people want to charge a reasonable price (okay that’s completely subjective and I know it) for the pattern, I’m happy to include them (and then pay for it!).

  4. I seriously look forward to Friday Finds all week. You always turn up things I haven’t seen yet. I love Ravi Junior, and the hat. hannahr on Ravelry

  5. I love the Coolbreeze Cardigan! It’s lovely. And a matching hat! That is sweet. But of course, I love that you featured my friend Kate’s hat, Tyrion! It’s a great pattern, I’ve knit two now and I know I’ll make it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have been staring at so many of these patterns for a while now. The Tanis one is divine but I want to do the enso one, the sleeves just look so awesome and love the one piece!

  7. As soon as I saw Enso I started wondering how quickly I could get my hands on some bulky yarn. Absolutely want it, and the spikes for the sleeves!

  8. all the patterns are great, but I’m loving Enso. there’s something so classic about garter stitches…not to mention easy. i checked (stalked) and saw that your bday is two days after mine. i call this my birthday month also. i’m passionknit on twitter and ravelry. Thanks!!

    • Heh, I decided to let your post count since I didn’t think about closing the thread last night (I was sleeping; I’m going to make a small modification to the rules based on my own behavior). And guess what, you won! ๐Ÿ™‚

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