Sweaterday: Roam Tunic



This, my friends, is the fastest sweater I have ever knit. Subtracting a few days from overall knitting time (because I was finishing my Stonecutter’s Cardigan and working on a few other smaller projects), we’re looking at two and a half weeks of knitting time. (I just realized that I knit two Amy garment patterns in a month and a half. Whut.)

Big yarn + big needles = awesome.


In addition to being a fast knit, my Roam Tunic is super squishy and wonderful to wear. It makes a great layer during these cold days, not too heavy or warm but keeps me feeling comfortable.


I used 800 yards of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Chunky for this, and I love the way it knit up. A little stiff and maybe a smide scratchy in progress, after a bath, this yarn and the fabric softened right up and is really comfortable to wear.


Without fail, every garment pattern of Amy’s that I’ve knit so far (which is only three, to be fair, but still) fits wonderfully. Had I swatched for this, I probably would have realized this would come out just a smidgen on the large side and maybe subtracted a few of the side stitches, but I still like the way it fits. I’m picturing maybe getting fancy and belting it a few times.


The tunic is a little bit longer than I’d anticipated, and the kangaroo pocket is just a little bit too low for comfortable hand position, but if you’ve got a bit of a tummy, as I do, don’t let the pocket deter you—it really doesn’t add much, if any bulk to a region that needs no assistance. I love the length of this sweater, overall.

Who am I kidding, I love everything about this sweater.






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