About the Panda

I am, sadly and obviously, not a panda. But I do love red pandas, and I like playing with string of various weights and diameters, and so “Thread Panda” (as suggested by a friend) seemed an appropriate name for a blog.

I am addicted to yarn. I’ve been knitting since 2006 and crocheting since 2008 although it really feels as though I’ve been mucking about with yarn forever. My grandmother taught me to knit way back when, but it didn’t stick until a friend re-introduced me to yarn.

When I’m not playing with string, I am often thinking about playing with string. I also love to read and will give any book a try, and I love music and going to shows. I’m hoping to do some more exploring of my new state and love to take pictures of wildlife and scenery. Another favorite past-time is lovingly torturing my cat, who puts up with it better than she probably should.


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