Month in Review: December 2012

So it’s a day early, but I want to talk about the year in review tomorrow, so I’m posting this today.

December was a good month, knitting wise!

I finished my Stonecutter’s Cardigan


and my Roam Tunic.


And, you know, almost finished the body of another sweater.


I’ve turned into a sweater knitting machine. I haven’t knit a sock in a good long while. I’m no tsure who I am anymore.

Finally photographed my Age of Brass and Steam shawl and shared that with you.


I also knit a couple of panda bonnets for a few wee ones in my life. And there’s one more I need to knit as well.

I’ve been working on a swap project, so I can’t update you on that at all at the moment, but it’s nearly finished and due to be mailed out in a couple of weeks, so you’ll see it soon enough.

We had a contest every week this month as part of the Friday Finds, and I really enjoyed hearing from everyone about what you liked each week!

I have bought some yarn this month—enough to knit the rest of my I∂unn sweater, and three skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage for the Puff Stitch Crochet-along we’ve got planned for the new year. I’m really going to try to not purchase any yarn in 2013, but that’s a discussion for tomorrow’s post.

So that’s pretty much my December! It’s been a productive and fun month, in terms of making things, and here’s hoping that continues into next month.


Month in Review: November 2012

Posting this a day before the official end of the month because tomorrow is Friday and that means Friday Finds, and also, I needed something to post today. Heh.

SO. I’ve nearly finished a cardigan, start to finish, in one month. Would have definitely finished it except that I opted to take my time a bit toward the end.

And you know, start my Calavera Catrina and Roam Tunic. Yep, I slowed down on an Amy Christoffers cardigan to knit an Amy Christoffers problem. I may have an Amy Christoffers problem. (PS did you know that all of her Savory Knitting accessory patterns are on sale through December 24?)

Unfortunately I don’t have any updated photos of anything to show you. Just know that I have a completed cardigan body and about 1.5″ done on the collar of my Stonecutter’s Cardigan, half the back finished of the Roam Tunic (bulky yarn and 10.5 needles are the best), and I’m pretty sure I’m ready to start the decreases on my Calavera Catrina.

I did add three skeins of yarn to my stash this month, two of which I’d ordered at the end of September I think? And one I purchased to knit *cough*Amy Christoffers’*cough* Lilac Wine. The other two are from Apothecary Yarns and I have trouble resisting their beautiful yarn clubs (they’re clubs in that they’re themed and such, but you get to pick which colors and bases and pay according to that; though they do have traditional clubs too, I think).


So as far as knitting goes, November was really good to me! As far as most other things go, well. It could have been better. But I’m going to choose to focus on the positive and just keep knitting. How was your November?

Month in Review: October 2012

October was an adventurous month for me! Traveled to Paris at the beginning of the month, and managed to churn out a good amount of knitting. Enough knitting that I was kind of a slacker about photographing all the finished projects, so those posts will be coming later.

I did manage to post about my Paper Moon socks, and in the process forgot to mention that I’m in love with the yarn used. It’s Socktopus Sokkusu Original and it’s definitely the newest addition to my top 5 yarns to knit socks. I fell so hard for it in the process of knitting this sock that I bought another skein while I was in Paris. Have you knit with Sokkusu yet?


I also hosted the Ghosts eBook for a spell. Teresa’s book exploring the cultural history and evolution of ghosts is such a great study into one aspect of the human mind, AND it has beautiful patterns! What more could you ask for? Tomorrow is the Day of the Dead—what better day to cast on your own Calavera Catrina.

Aaaand I posted about the perils of being an idiot and not making sure you have gauge on a pattern before you knit the whole thing. I still haven’t frogged my Folded. I really just can’t be bothered.

Tomorrow starts National Blog Post Month, in which I will endeavor to make a post every single day for the month of November. I’ve done this for the past two years, and I’m really excited about some of the posts that I have planned, as well as all of the fabulous guest posts I’ll be hosting from some of my favorite bloggers! Don’t forget—I’m hoping to do a Q&A post, where I answer your questions, whatever they might be! I have a handful of questions—thanks to those of you who already asked!—but I’d love more, too.

Adios, October! Bring it, November.

Month in Review: September 2012

Bye bye September! For me, September was a productively unproductive month. I managed to finish one thing that you’ve seen, my Pontos Cardigan.

Pontos Cardigan

I also finished a few other things that you haven’t seen, because they’re on their way back to yarn form. Finished my Folded cardigan, and I’ll post about that soon, but… It did not end well. And it’s destined for the frog pond, yet again.

Then I’d found this adorable panda baby bonnet that I wanted to knit for a friend’s baby. The LYS didn’t have the yarn called for in the pattern, so I bought a different yarn that I thought would be a good substitute. Turns out, I subbed a DK-weight yarn for a sport weight, and well, now I will have a matching panda bonnet. (I did pick up a sport weight yarn to knit the baby sized version, but haven’t done it yet.)

And I started working toward my “Learn to Steek” goal! I’ve knit one sleeve and a few inches of the second sleeve Pod of Cetaceans. I’m hoping to finish it before I leave for vacation on Tuesday, but we’ll see.

I did buy some yarn this month, but I’ve already knit with most of it, so I feel pretty okay about it.

Overall it was a good month! How about yours?

Month in Review: August 2012

Oh, August. You were supposed to be good to me. Instead, for the most part, you were pretty damned stressful. I didn’t talk about a lot of the things that were weighing on my mind, and that’s because this is my fun happy place, but a brief recap includes: my place of employment has gone through some drastic changes and I spent the first two weeks fearing I’d be unemployed (again, though this time with more yarn); I had a health scare that turned out to be fine (well, aside from some lab tests revealing that I need to make some changes to my diet and also I’m very low on vitamin D, but nothing urgent or really scary); and a severe lack of sleep associated with stress and heat (SO HOT) that led to burnout of epic proportions. So to say that I am looking forward to this three-day weekend is an incredible understatement.

But I also made a breakthrough in the knitting, and that was finishing the Loki Scarf. Finishing it meant a) it would get to Jessi on time for DragonCon (where she is this weekend and hopefully soon I’ll have a full FO post about that project), and b) I could KNIT OTHER THINGS. There was a serious, painful moment of “KNIT ALL THE THINGS” which ended with me on the floor in the fetal position crying about only having two hands and not enough needles. We’re good now.


And my Cecilia was finished in record time for this panda, and I love wearing it and no, really, could we please get some autumn up in here so that I can wear it all the time?


Finally, I wrapped up my Bristol Hat in a whopping five-ish days. You can read about that project here if you missed the post yesterday. Basically, I love it so hard.

There was a bit of a falling down on the yarn buying front. You know how much I love Sweet Georgia (do not even get me started on how much I would like one skein of each of her new Fall colors)… so when one of the local yarn stores announced a sale on Tough Love Sock, for 30% off… really, we should be proud of me for only buying two skeins. They were also running a program with other yarn stores in the area and had daily drawings for prizes, and I won the drawing because of those purchases! So I came home with six skeins of Cascade Kid Seta in two shades of purple (that’s 1800 yards of mohair I’m not really sure what to do with but have a very loose idea of a design, oddly enough). And then I finally received the first skein of the Heroes and Villains club I’d signed up for, and it was appropriately, for me, a Loki-themed colorway.

Okay, so, three day weekend here in the States for most of us, mine is relatively free of commitments, and I have a to do list.

  • Watch the Netflix movies I have at home: Lawrence of Arabia, The Rescuers Down Under, and The Swell Season: Live from the Artists’ Den (you can’t say I don’t attempt to be well-rounded)
  • Mainline season 4 of Sons of Anarchy and catch up on season 2 of Alphas and watch some more Supernatural.
  • Try to not get stuck in the sofa.
  • Knit knit knit on my Pontos Cardigan. I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of yarn, even though I thought I had plenty when I started. But then again, my brain was leaking out of my ears for most of June and July. Extra skein on the way!
  • Swatch for new secret test-knitting project if possible (queue be damned, apparently)
  • Look forward to a hopefully less-stressful September (though I do have a deadline in a week and a half) and then OCTOBER AND PARIS AND FLAIL.

Celebrating Labor Day weekend? What are your plans?

Month in Review: July 2012

July was a crazy busy month for me, but today signals not only the end of the month but also, hopefully, the end of the busy-ness. I do like being busy—having things to occupy my mind during the days is much preferable to having nothing to do. But this was that bad form of busy where there are no breaks and try as you might you can’t really seem to get ahead, and some days even on top of, the problems. But I always knew that the end of July would signify the end of the crazy times, so hopefully the next four months will be relatively peaceful and happily productive.

Most recently in knitting news, I cast on Friday night for a project for the Ravellenics Games. I wasn’t originally planning to participate, as I’ve already got two projects on the needles, but I was feeling a little jealous of everyone on Twitter talking about their projects, so I said what the heck? I knew I needed something that would be relatively easy and obviously fast, and I’d recently won Hilary Smith Callis’s Pontos Cardigan as a reward from a Ravelry group knitalong. Pontos is a lovely, versatile cardigan worked in bulky weight yarn and a super simple lace pattern (how simple? I was knitting in the car in the dark on the way back from Richard III for a bit). As an additional bonus to it’s simplicity, it’s worked bottom up in one piece, then sleeves are joined for a raglan decrease. SO SIMPLE. I’m using Beaverslide Dry Goods’ McTaggert Tweeds and Heathers in the Big Sky Blue colorway—I’m not entirely sure how this got into my stash, but it’s been there for a few years and I’ve been searching for the perfect project for this. I am loving the way it’s knitting up in Pontos. This swatch photo shoes the color the best.


The fabric is delightfully squishy and blocks out nicely when it’s washed. The yarn is a bit twiggy, but not too bad and I just pull out little bits of vegetal matter from time to time. This shows my progress as of yesterday morning—I’d finished the bottom of the cardigan and the pocket backings on Sunday evening (this is my first project with POCKETS).


In the meantime, I opted to forge ahead on my Folded sweater and just start the waist-shaping decreases where I was, rather than ripping back (which I was strongly considering the last time I talked about this sweater). My new plan is to press on from where I am now and evaluate the length of the body when the sweater is finished. Maybe it will end up a lovely length for a tunic. Maybe I’ll pull some length from the bottom of the cardigan (which may happen anyway, as I’m considering swapping out the ribbed hem for a folded hem, but I’m going to wait to see how the hem blocks out; right now it’s rolling like crazy). I’ve finished the decreases and will likely start the increases very soon. Here, have a boring picture of a boring sweater body.


The scarf is going swimmingly which is why I’m not agonizing over the fact that I have three projects on the needles and two of them have deadlines. I turned the scarf and started working back to the cast-on edge not too long ago. I’m at least a foot and a half of the way up the back. Perhaps my imagination is responsible, but this scarf seems to be going so much faster now that I can see the finish line. I opted to not work the sides together as I knit, as that was not creating the beautiful edge I wanted, so I’m mattress stitching the sides every few days and that’s working much better.


As for my no-yarn-buying goal, I did exceptionally well this month and only picked up one skein of yarn in a cheap destash, though I was extremely tempted.


Sadly, there was no yarn coming into my house in any form, as I still haven’t received the yarn from the sock club that I joined in May. The first shipment was supposed to be sent out around the end of June, but Life happened to the dyer and that date was pushed back to the end of July. I understand that Life happens when you least expect it, but I’m quite frustrated as I love this dyer’s colors in general—I have a few skeins that I purchased via her shop in the past, but never as part of a club. Before anyone asks, I’m not going to name the dyer here. If I felt she was deliberately attempting to withhold the yarn that I had paid for, I would have no problem calling her out (after attempting to speak with her privately), but I don’t think that’s the case in this situation. Hopefully, though, I’ll have some good news to share on that front soon.

July also saw the creation of Threadpanda’s Facebook page! Please like that page if you haven’t already. I try to post small things there that don’t make it to the blog, to keep it interesting, and I’ve got some plans in mind for some other interactivity over there, while making sure to not spam your Friends feed with unnecessary drivel.

Month in Review: June 2012

June was a scorcher, that’s for sure. This was the scene one evening my living room.



It was so hot inside the house that my Vera monster allowed me to pet her while I was holding an ice cube in my hand. Cat. Willingly getting wet. And even though we’re still seeing high temperatures this week, for some reason it’s not lingering quite as much in the evenings and we’re able to cool off just a bit.

The knitting was pretty monogamous this month. There was the aforementioned Folded sweater that hasn’t been touched since I started knitting the Loki scarf. The scarf is now just over 30″ in length, or approximately one-quarter of the minimum length (though half of it will be double back on itself).


Terrible lighting, the lightest color is more cream than yellow. The pattern is pretty easy to memorize and has become a pretty decent tv-watching project, so long as I don’t really have to pay too much attention to the visuals on the screen (so, no subtitles and no arthouse flicks).

That’s pretty much it for June. I’m hoping to be more active here next month, now that the initial shock of crazy heatwave is over and I’ve learned to cope. I hope June was good to you, and July is better!