Hobbit-y Friday Finds


Happy New Year to you all! First Friday of the new year calls for something a little extra special, don’t you think?

You probably all realize that I’m a big nerd and that I’m in love with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, so I dedicated this week’s Friday Finds to Tolkien-inspired patterns. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  • I like to pretend that Antoniya Petkova’s Magnificent Dragon (£4) is Smaug in disguise. Yes I do.

  • You can crochet all of the hobbits (free) thanks to Sammi Resendes’s pattern. I love the little leaf on the cloak!

  • Erica Jackofsky’s put together an entire collection of Tolkien-inspired patterns in her A Hobbit’s Journey eBook ($18). I especially love Ori’s Cowl, Rivendell Shawl (pictured), and the Lord of the Eagles shawl.

  • If you knit Josie Mercier’s Pocketses (CAD$4.50), be sure to not get stuck in any tight spaces that might send the buttons flying.

  • Smaug (free) by Frau Morag are dragon-scaled socks. Perfect for wearing on an adventure.

  • Claire Ellen’s There and Back Again eBook ($14) features three fantastic sock patterns, including the beautiful textured Gollum Socks.

  • Take your devotion to new levels with Diana Stafford’s One Ring Scarf (free). This reversible scarf features a double-knitting chart with the Elvish inscription from the Ring.

  • Andrea Krüß-Anders’s Doors of Durin chart (free) is another double-knitting chart. No, I am totally not planning to work all of these (plus the following chart) together into something.

  • True story: My new cell phone case with the Tree of Gondor should arrive any day now. Less protective but equally awesome is Emma Schurman’s Tree of Gondor chart (free).

The Hobbit photo comes from TGDaily.
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Friday Finds


HAPPY HOBBIT DAY! I’m only a little excited to finally see this movie. EEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I may have gone a little crazier than normal this week, and I’ll talk more about that in tomorrow’s Sweaterday post, so for now, let’s just get into this week’s Finds. And don’t forget about the contest!

To win:

  • Leave a comment on each week’s Friday Finds letting me know which pattern(s) you especially like that week.
  • Make sure to include some way to contact you in that comment—email address, Ravelry username, Twitter handle, whatever, I just need to be able to let you know you’ve won.
  • Each comment must be received by 9:00 AM MST the following Monday. So for this week’s post, you must comment before 9:00 AM MST on Monday, December 17.
  • Winners will be chosen by random number generator the following Monday. I’ll contact that week’s winner and we’ll work out the details.
  • The prize pattern is not limited to the patterns included in the Friday Finds. Patterns are limited to digital versions, though not only Ravelry-accessible patterns. Any pattern from your personal wishlist (under $7) could be yours.


So, how about it? Which of these patterns are you digging this week?

  • Aviendha (€3.90) by Melanie Berg is a delightful stripy shawl worked in garter stitch. I love the color combination of the sample!

  • Kamila Janiszewska’s Wintering (free) is a lovely little shawl worked in bulky yarn with a contrasting lace panel at the outer edge.

  • Flou (free) by Airali Handmade is a sweet little crocheted hat, worked in a crocheted rib stitch.

  • Not a pattern, but I want to find something to incorporate motifs from Ruth Klein Cook’s Doctor Who Faux Fair Isle Chart (free). And by “something” I mean EVERYTHING.


  • Linden Down’s Jacqueline ($6.50) is a great swing coat with deep ribbing and double rows of buttons. I especially love the collar shaping!

  • NO, I will probably not let a week go by without including a mitten pattern for the foreseeable future. I LOVE MITTENS. MY LOVE WILL NOT BE DENIED. Especially when folks such as Megan Grewal are making adorable Honey Mittens ($4) with their lovely honeycomb stitch.

  • Janet (free) by Kelly Nicole is a lacy beret worked in two colors and simple openwork stitch.

  • In other nerdy news, I was delighted to see another George R. R. Martin character get some love in Purrlescent’s Melisandre Socks (free). I love the wide traveling stitches pattern!

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.

Friday Finds

I did something crazy this morning and braved the shopping on Black Friday. Normally I am very anti-any thing that gets me out of pajamas on Black Friday, but as part of an on-going mission to make my wardrobe a bit more mature and grown up (read: fewer graphic tees and less reliance on slouchy jeans), I went out at a reasonable time (9ish) and braved the crowds (which weren’t that bad) and spent a good deal of money on a lot of new tops and some new pants and skirts and I feel pretty good about this. Especially since I pretty much only shop every few years or so. Not a shopper, in terms of actually spending money. I love to look! Generally hate to try things on and deal with that. But I did it, it went well, I’m wearing my new holiday PJs (I have my own tradition of buying a set of PJs sometime around the holidays, because I do love PJs) and now that I’m done talking about that and making parenthetical remarks, here’s this week’s Friday Finds.

  • Lee Meredith’s Flying V’s collection ($6) features three patterns with colorful chevrons inset. Plus, who can resist a Mighty Ducks reference?

  • Amy Christoffers’ also published a collection recently—the Homard Cowls Collection ($9) features three infinity cowls with different stitch patterns. Great for gift knitting!

  • The Hyde Park Cardigan ($5.50) by Terri Kruse features a garter yoke and easy cables along the fronts and back.

  • Teasdale ($6) by Corrina Ferguson is a lovely crescent shawl pattern, featuring a wide lace border and simple textured body pattern.

  • You saw these earlier this week, but Teresa Gregorio’s Walk in the Leaves Legwarmers (CAD$1.50) are so sweet, they bear repeating. Knit the simple yet interesting stitch pattern in a fingering weight yarn. All proceeds from this pattern go to Teresa’s local SPCA chapter!

  • I love garter stitch and stripes and cowls, and the School Ties Cowls ($2.99) by Rosee Woodland are all of those things! Three patterns for three different directions of stripes work up the ultimate stash busters.

  • I’m on a cowl kick this week. Sara Dudek’s Triple Triangle Cowl ($5) feature three lines of triangles in a long crocheted infinity scarf. Even better—since this pattern is crocheted, it’s also reversible! Another great use of stash yarn to boot.

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! We’re staring down a cold and snowy weekend in Colorado, so basically, my plan is to stay inside as much as possible and knit away! Probably on the couch with a movie queue piled next to the blu-ray player. What are your favorite “homebody weekend” movies?

  • Slipping Ridge (free) by Kathryn C. features a slipped stitch pattern that I think would be really great for highly variegated socks. Plus, they look pretty awesome in this solid color as well!

  • You all know I have a mitten problem, but how cute are these Fox in the Snow Mittens (free) from Patons? SO CUTE. I really want a pair.

  • Bonnie Sennot’s Biscuit infinity scarf ($5) features a simple textured stitch and lace edging.

  • Woodstove Season ($6.50) by Alicia Plummer is a classic cardigan shape with simply textured fronts and a chevron texture on the back.

  • The classic Granny Square blanket gets a simple yet contemporary upgrade in Purl Bee’s Granny Stripe Blanket (free). I’ve frequently said I wanted to crochet a yarn-scraps blanket, and I think this stripe version will definitely be a contender. (Let’s face it, I probably have enough yarn scraps to do a traditional Granny Square afghan AND a Granny Stripe blanket, because I’m ridiculous.)

  • The Birthday Shawl (£3.50) from Kate’s Twirl is a lovely little shawl with a garter stitch body and sawtooth-inspired edging.

All photographs are taking from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.