Friday Finds

This week has been CA-RAZY. I got back from New York very early Tuesday morning, and then was out of the office for two days (and had to sort of fill in for my boss on one of those days, as she was super sick), took Nyquil almost every night this week so that I wouldn’t get sick, and tonight I’m going to see Kimbra and Gotye in Denver. And then this weekend I may not get out of bed. Which is fine, because I have plenty of knits to work on.

Anyway, on to this week’s Friday Finds! Quick and flashy style this week, so much to catch up on at work.

  • Michele DuNaier’s Secret Crush (free).

  • Veera Välimäki’s Something Silver (€4.90)

  • Kirsten Kapur’s Unsinkable ($6)

  • Liz Abinante’s Squinch Shawl ($6)

  • Cassie Castillo’s Olexa Vest ($6)


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