Finished object: Thelonious socks

Another month almost gone, another pair of socks finished. Having finished a pair of socks in the shortest month of the year, amidst other distractions and projects, I feel extra good about this goal right now.

February’s socks were Thelonious by Cookie A. I’d loved these socks since I first came across them on Cookie’s site, and then they were one of the patterns included in Knit. Sock. Love. I was so excited! Finally, I had the pattern and I could make a pair myself. Luck would have it that they would be the second pair of socks the RNG chose for my Self-Imposed Sock Club (to borrow a phrase from the Yarn Harlot).

Thelonious Socks

I loved this pattern. One of the things that Cookie tries to do with her patterns, and one of the reason why I love her design aesthetic, is that she’s very conscious about the flow of the pattern. If you look at the way she does most of the cuff ribbings of her sock patterns, they lead directly into the main body pattern, and you can see how the lace panel starts right from the beginning, in a modification of the ribbing around the rest of the leg.

Thelonious Socks

These were actually a fairly quick knit, if you add together all the time that I actually spent knitting them and not putzing around with other projects (or just not knitting at all). The pattern repeat is easily memorizable, and I actually knit the second sock almost entirely from memory. That’s another beautiful thing about Cookie’s patterns; sometimes they look kind of intense, but they’re still good “TV Knitting.”

Thelonious Socks

Some people have mentioned that they don’t get lacy socks, because they wouldn’t be warm. Not so, my friends. It snowed all day yesterday up here in Fort Collins. The snow is melting off today, but it’s still been fairly cool and I’ve been walking around town wearing my “Easter Egg shoes” and lacy socks and my feet are totally warm.

Thelonious Socks

So there.

Are you playing along with the 12 pairs challenge? How are your February socks coming? What are you knitting this weekend?


13 thoughts on “Finished object: Thelonious socks

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  2. those are beautiful! Nicely done, sweets.

    I’m knitting a pair of easy fingerless gloves (just basic rib-pattern) for a friend. Might make a second pair, otherwise I’m not sure yet.

        • See, this is one of the things that really pissed me off about that damned Destroyed Cowl. I knit my second Thelonious sock entirely from memory. Pattern repeats, traveling configuration, four different charts, heel flap, everything. I checked the pattern maybe twice to make sure I had remembered correctly. And then this stupid stockinette strip totally made me feel like crap (okay I was already feeling like crap, it just exacerbated the situation).

          Maybe start with her Hedera pattern–the pattern repeats are (I think) four (maybe six) rows long, and it’s pretty easy to pick up on the pattern as you’re going along.

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