FO: Snicket

I’m feeling really inspired to knit monogamously lately. I think it’s because of Maria of Subway Knits and her “Queue-a-long,” in which participants are encouraged to only knit patterns from their individual queues.

Snicket has been in my queue for three years now, and was also on the short list for my 12 Pairs of Socks challenge. So bonus accomplishments for me!


The pattern is really very easy—I memorized it within a few repeats and was able to cart the socks along with me without having to pull out a sheet of paper every so often. I worked all of the twisted stitch cables without a cable needle, and this pattern is really great for practicing cabling without a cable needle—short columns of twisted stitches that are cabled and a little bit of traveling stitch work. I love the look of twisted stitches, the pop they have, how they leap off the purled background just a little bit more.


The pattern called for a short row heel, and I went along with that, working it in reverse stockinette stitch. Part of me wishes I’d worked a heel flap and carried the twisted stitches down the heel, but not enough to make me dissatisfied with the socks. I also went a bit off script and worked a reverse stockinette sole—that’s right, I purled. A lot. By choice. But with the reverse stockinette background to the twisted stitch pattern, I truly felt that the reverse stockinette soul would feel more cohesive.


The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight in their “Jasper” colorway. Based on the skein, I was expecting a slightly more uniform variation in the tonalities of the color, but I still love the way the yarn knit up. The fabric is squishy and the stitch definition is superb.


These were a pretty fast knit, coming together in a little more than a week. I’m thinking my sock-knitting mojo may be coming back with the weather; after all, more and more days feel like days for warm knitted items right now.



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